Prosblogion Now on Facebook
August 17, 2011 — 10:19

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We’re late to the party, but you can now follow Prosblogion on Facebook.

Happy Anniversary Problogionites!
June 6, 2011 — 11:24

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Today marks 7 years of our happy venture! This year we served up over 2.5 million page views to over 475,000 visitors. Thanks to all the contributors and commenters who help make Prosblogion such a success.

ID and Synthese
December 14, 2010 — 11:02

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The latest issue of Synthese is devoted to Intelligent Design. The Introductory article by Glenn Branch starts with a story about J.P. Moreland and then traces some history of the movement. It mentions how there are many philosophers (as “eminent” as Alvin Plantinga) supporting the movement. I thought some Prosblogion readers might be interested, so I’m drawing attention to it.

Joe’s Finding Religion
June 8, 2006 — 20:44

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Joe Ulatowski is preparing to teach his first philosophy of religion course and he’s seeking some input on how to proceed. Should he go topical or historical, lecture or discussion, what topics should he focus on? I know some of Prosblogion’s readers could lend him a hand. So, please take a moment to share your wise council with Joe.