Younger Scholars Prize in Philosophical Theology Winner
October 3, 2011 — 14:53

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Ted Poston of the University of South Alabama is this year’s winner of the YSP in Philosophical Theology, sponsored and funded by the Ammonius Foundation. His winning essay is entitled “Social Evil,” and it will be published in Volume V of Oxford Studies in Philosophy of Religion, and posted shortly on the Ammonius website.
Congratulations to Ted!

Reminder: Aug. 31 Deadline for Younger Scholars Prize
August 29, 2011 — 13:34

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A reminder that the deadline for the Younger Scholars Prize in Philosophical Theology, associated with Oxford Studies in Philosophy of Religion, is August 31. If you have something and wonder whether it qualifies, email me about it, and I encourage all with relevant work to submit for the prize.
More information on the prize is available by clicking on the icon in the right sidebar.

Younger Scholars Prizes
May 3, 2011 — 13:02

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Since the summer break is nearly here, I thought I’d remind folks of the Younger Scholars Prize so that the summer break could be used to write/finish entries. Here’s the ad we have on Leiter Reports:
[Ed: Prosblogion readers will likely be interested in the competition details for the Younger Scholars Prize for Philosophical Theology.]

Philosophical Theology at Oxford
October 14, 2010 — 8:36

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Oxford University’s M.Phil. and M.St. in Philosophical Theology are programs in analytic philosophy of religion run out of the theology faculty. The M.St. involves a term in philosophy of religion and one in the history of philosophical theology; the M.Phil. adds a further term in philosophy or in the history of theology. Teaching in each subject is by 1:1 tutorial, though students can also attend all lecture-courses and seminars they wish. Tutoring in philosophy of religion is by Brian Leftow. Other Oxford philosophers who have written in or teach the subject include John Hawthorne, Derek Parfit, TJ Mawson, Roger Trigg, Ralph Walker, AW Moore, Tim Bayne, William Mander, Stephen Mulhall and Pamela Anderson. Teaching of other philosophy subjects is by members of the philosophy faculty; teaching in theology subjects draws on Oxford’s strengths in Patristics and 19th-century theology.
The M.Phil. has had good success as a “feeder” Master’s. Since 2002, all students with high marks have gone on to doctoral work in philosophy. Recent graduates are currently at Oxford, Stanford, Notre Dame and Cornell, and have also been offered places by Rutgers, Berkeley, Chapel Hill, UCLA and Yale.
For further information on these courses of study, see the Oxford Theology website or contact Theology’s Director of Graduate Studies ( or Brian Leftow (

Dennis Whitcomb, WWU, wins Younger Scholar’s Prize in Philosophical Theology
September 30, 2010 — 14:36

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For his essay, “Grounding and Omniscience.” Dennis will be presenting this paper in an invited session on Philosophical Theology at the Pacific Meeting next spring in San Diego (I’ll also be presenting at the same session).
The finalists for the prize, whose papers will also be published in OSPR, are (in alphabetical order):
Shieva Kleinschmidt, “Many-One Identity and the Trinity”
Christian Miller, “Error Theory and Theism Revisited”
Meghan Sullivan, “Semantics for Blasphemy”
Congratulations to all concerned!

The 2011 St. Thomas Summer Seminar in Philosophy of Religion and Philosophical Theology
September 16, 2010 — 13:42

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Recent PhDs and current graduate students in philosophy, theology, or religious studies are invited to apply to participate in the 2011 St. Thomas Summer Seminar in Philosophy of Religion and Philosophical Theology. Twenty participants will be selected; each will receive a stipend of $2,900 and will be provided with accommodations and meals for the duration of the seminar. (Regrettably, funding for travel costs cannot be provided.) Click here for more seminar information and application guidelines.