In Memoriam: Marilyn McCord Adams (1943-2017)
March 23, 2017 — 16:38

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Christina Van Dyke shares the following:

Marilyn McCord Adams passed away early morning on March 22, 2017. She was an uncompromisingly fierce person: in her scholarship, in her pursuit of justice for the marginalized, in her wickedly awesome sense of humor, and in her love for God, Bob (her husband), and her friends.

Marilyn was a prodigious scholar and an enormously influential figure in both medieval philosophy and the philosophy of religion; she held positions at a number of top research institutions and was one of the founding members of the Society of Christian Philosophers. (See Daily Nous for a short summary of her life and work:

Yet perhaps the most important legacy Marilyn leaves behind is her impact on the lives of those around her. Her heartfelt work on God and horrendous evils, her devoted ministry as an Episcopal priest, her tireless support of junior scholars–especially those on the margins of philosophy, her witness for women in a field with few role models, and her ability to combine incisive criticism with dry wit and an irresistible laugh are all just parts of what made her such an important person to so many of us.

From the moment news of her death began to spread, people started sharing stories of what Marilyn meant to them and the many ways in which she shaped their lives. Anyone who wants to should feel free to share their stories below in the comments: some losses are easier to bear in community, and it seems clear that this is one of them.

As mentioned above, Marilyn was one of the founding members of the Society of Christian Philosophers, and she remained active in theĀ Society throughout her life. The liturgy here: is one she wrote for the Service of Lament, which the SCP hosted at the 2015 Central APA, included here because it captures so much of what she thought Christian philosophers should stand for. May it continue to call us to justice and compassion as we mourn her absence and celebrate her life.


2011 Thomistic Seminar at Princeton: Geach
February 12, 2011 — 11:38

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I did this as a grad student, and it was awesome.
The 2011 Thomistic Seminar:
Themes in the Philosophy of Peter Geach and Thomas Aquinas
John Haldane, Director
August 7-13, 2011
John Haldane, University of St. Andrews
E. J. Lowe, Durham University
Anthony O’Hear, University of Buckingham
Candace Vogler, University of Chicago
Click here for more details

Religious attitudes
September 17, 2007 — 10:58

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  1. Every attitude that humans take that cannot be constructed out of simpler attitudes is appropriate on some occasions. (Premise)
  2. There are properly religious attitudes that humans take that cannot be constructed out of simpler attitudes. (Premise)
  3. Therefore, some properly religious attitudes are appropriate on some occasions. (by 1 and 2)
  4. If a properly religious attitude is appropriate, then there is a numinous being. (Premise)
  5. If there is a numinous being, there is a supernatural and numinous being. (Premise)
  6. Thus, there is a supernatural and numinous being. (by 3-5)

The argument is valid, but has four premises, not one of which is uncontroversial.  [The above has been edited: The first version of the argument had "holy" in place of "numinous" in 5, which mistake a sharp-eyed commenter pointed out.  A typo was also fixed. – ARP]