December 1 Application Deadline for Faith Project Summer Seminar Applications
November 14, 2015 — 15:25

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For summer 2016 seminar, to be held in St. Louis on the campus of Washington University. We just noticed that one announcement went out with an incorrect date of December 31, but the deadline is 12/1/2015. Couple of weeks away, so get those applications in!

More information about the project can be found here, and further information about the call for applications can be found here.

2nd Annual Faith Project Workshop
October 28, 2015 — 21:01

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2nd Conference, San Antonio, January 14-17, 2016

On the Value and Evaluation of Faith, Program here.

If you are interested in attending, please email Jon Kvanvig. We have some flexibility for accommodating guests, but it is fairly limited, so the sooner you email me, the better the chance that we’ll be able to include you.

Great TT job at SPU
October 27, 2015 — 13:48

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Seattle Pacific University, Philosophy: Assistant professor, tenure-track position beginning September 2016 (subject to funding). Ph.D. in philosophy required; teaching experience preferred. AOS: Epistemology or Philosophy of Language. AOC: philosophy of religion, philosophical theology. Teaching responsibilities include multiple sections of a general education course required of all SPU students, which explores issues at the intersection of religion, science, and philosophy. In addition, teaching responsibilities include all or most of the following courses: epistemology, beginning symbolic logic, advanced logic (predicate logic and modal statement logic), philosophy of religion, and philosophical theology. Founded in 1891, Seattle Pacific University has a long and distinguished history in Christian higher education. Its comprehensive academic programs serve more than 4,100 undergraduate and graduate students. Located just minutes from downtown Seattle, SPU seeks to be a premier Christian University fully committed to engaging the culture and changing the world by graduating people of competence and character, becoming people of wisdom, and modeling grace-filled community. Seattle Pacific University seeks applicants committed to its Christian mission. Due to our mission of cultural engagement, SPU is committed to building an excellent and diverse teaching faculty. The online application includes an official SPU application form, a cover letter, a CV, three letters of recommendation, a faith statement of approximately one page, a teaching philosophy statement of approximately one page, and evidence of excellence in teaching. Completed applications should be submitted by November 1. For more information, contact C. Stephen Layman, chair, Philosophy Department, Seattle Pacific University, 3307 Third Ave. West, Seattle, WA 98119 /

2016 St Thomas Summer Seminar
September 21, 2015 — 14:08

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The 2016 St. Thomas Summer Seminar in Philosophy of Religion and Philosophical Theology

Recent PhDs and current graduate students in philosophy, theology, or religious studies are invited to apply to the 2016 St. Thomas Summer Seminar in Philosophy of Religion and Philosophical Theology. The seminar will be held at the University of St. Thomas, in St. Paul, Minnesota, from June 14th to June 29th, 2016. Participants will receive a stipend of $2000, as well as room and board.

For more information and instructions on how to apply, see:

Topics and Speakers:


PASCAL’S WAGER: Thomas Kelly, Gideon Rosen and Michael Rota

THE PROBLEM OF EVIL: Gideon Rosen and Eleonore Stump

UNIVERSALISM: Keith DeRose and Eleonore Stump


HELL: Frances Howard-Snyder and Peter van Inwagen

RELIGION IN THE PUBLIC SQUARE: Christopher Eberle andPaul Weithman


The deadline for receipt of applications is December 1, 2015.

Funded by:

The John Templeton Foundation

The University of St. Thomas

The Society of Christian Philosophers

The University of Notre Dame’s Center for Philosophy of Religion

The John Cardinal O’Hara Chair in Philosophy at the University of Notre Dame

The Rutgers Center for Philosophy of Religion

CFP: 2016 Logos Workshop in Philosophical Theology: Sin
August 24, 2015 — 21:00

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Call for Papers

2016 Logos Workshop in Philosophical Theology: Sin

May 5-7, 2016 at the University of Notre Dame

The concept of sin plays an important role in many religious traditions, but it also harbors great complexity. Sometimes we speak as if the concept applies mainly to morally blameworthy actions; but we also speak as if it applies to dispositions or character traits (e.g., ‘the sin of pride’). It is sometimes spoken of as a kind of impurity—something that can be washed away, or from which we can be cleansed. Sometimes it is treated as a kind of weight that can be lifted or carried away. Sometimes it is treated as an agency that resides within us—“no longer am I the one doing it, but sin which dwells in me”. (Rom 7:17) In the Christian tradition, original sin is a condition that we inherit and (for many theologians) something for which we are guilty from birth. What is sin that it can be spoken of in so many ways? Alternatively, how should we disambiguate ‘sin’ so as to avoid talking past one another with this multiply ambiguous word? Are some “images” of sin to be prioritized over others? Does our ontology of sin have any bearing on our understanding of forgiveness, or atonement? The 2016 Logos Workshop will be devoted to addressing these and related philosophical and theological questions about sin and sinfulness.

To have your paper considered for presentation at Logos 2016, please submit an abstract of the paper or the paper itself no later than October 15, 2015. Other things being equal, preference will be given to those who submit full papers by the deadline. We will let you know by December 1, 2015 whether your paper has been provisionally accepted. Full acceptance will be conditional on submission of the full reading version of the paper by April 1, 2015. It is expected that papers presented at the Logos workshop will be works in progress that can benefit from the group discussion. Consequently, we ask that authors not submit papers that will be published before the conference has ended.

Please send Abstracts or Full Papers to:
For more information, please visit:

Toronto Philosophy of Religion Work-in-Progress Group
August 24, 2015 — 4:20

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For the past few years, I have organized a lively philosophy of religion work-in-progress group at Ryerson University in downtown Toronto.

– If you would like to be added to the mailing list for this group, please email me:

– If you are (or plan to be) in the Toronto area this semester, and would like to give a paper to this group this upcoming academic year, please let me know.

– If you would like to give a paper to this group via Skype this upcoming academic year (we have the technology!) please let me know.

Klaas Kraay
Department of Philosophy
Ryerson University

What Difference Would – or Does – God’s Existence Make?
August 3, 2015 — 6:04

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What Difference Would – or Does – God’s Existence Make?
A Workshop on the Axiological Consequences of Theism
Ryerson University
Toronto, Canada
September 11-12, 2015

For complete details, and to register, go to:


– Toby Betenson (Birmingham)
– Richard Davis and Paul Franks (Tyndale University College)
– Scott Davison (Morehead State University)
– Guy Kahane (Oxford)
– Stephen Maitzen (Acadia)
– Myron A. Penner (Trinity Western) and Ben Arbour (Institute for Philosophical and Theological Research)
– John Schellenberg (Mount Saint Vincent)
– Meghan Sullivan (Notre Dame)
– Michael Tooley (Colorado)
– Erik Wielenberg (DePauw)

This workshop is the capstone event of a three-year research project, entitled “Theism: An Axiological Investigation”, that was generously funded by the John Templeton Foundation.

For more information about this project, see:

CFP: Society of Christian Philosophers Pacific Regional Conference
August 1, 2015 — 11:47

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The End of Religion?

March 17 – 19, 2016

Keynote Speakers

Gordon Graham (Princeton Theological Seminary)
Philip Jenkins (Baylor University)

The US is currently in the midst of what pundits are calling the ‘Great Decline’ in religiosity. Data suggest that the US is, in this respect, catching up to secular Europe and that within our lifetimes we may expect to see a world in which secularism is the norm in affluent countries, including the US, and where religious believers have become a small, shrinking, and increasingly marginalized minority.

  • What is religiosity?
  • What relation exists between identity and religiosity? And what are the implications of identifying as religious?
  • How should we understand (epistemically, politically and sociologically) of the growing tendency to identify as ‘spiritual’ rather than ‘religious’?
  • What are the causes of decline in religious belief and affiliation? And, perhaps more importantly, what are the likely consequences?

We invite submissions exploring the current theme or any topic of interest to Christian philosophers. We welcome participation by individuals regardless of their religious beliefs or lack thereof as presenters and participants. Papers (no more than 3000 words) are due by January 15th 2016, Please include professional contact information and an abstract with your paper. Submit them to: We will notify those accepted by Feb 1, 2016.

Student Prizes
Graduate and undergraduate students who wish to be considered for the SCP’s prize for the Best Graduate Student Paper or Best Undergraduate Student Paper must submit a final draft of their papers by January 1st, 2014. Each winner will receive a $500 award, which will be presented publicly at the conference. In your submission email, please indicate that you are a graduate student or undergraduate student.

Conference: Social Epistemology of Religious Belief
July 30, 2015 — 21:26

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October 8-10, 2015
Indiana University, Bloomington

The beautiful wooded campus of Indiana University, Bloomington will be the site of a conference focused on social dimensions to the eistemology of religious belief. Topics to be addressed include testimony and trust, intellectual authority in science and religion, the role of faith communities in individual faith development, and religious disagreement.

Speakers/Commentators: Charity Anderson, Michael Bergmann, Caleb Cohoe, Trent Dougherty, Peter Graham, John Greco, Adam Green, John Hawthorne, John Kvanvig, Maria Lasonen-Aarnio, Ben McMyler, Tim O’Connor, and Steve Wykstra.

For further details, including conference registration and securing local housing, please visit the conference website:

Organized by Tim O’Connor and Tim Perrine, this conference is sponsored by the John Templeton Foundation and by the Philosophy Department at Indiana University, Bloomington.

Postdoctoral Fellowship at the Munich School of Philosophy (The Concept of God Project)
July 8, 2015 — 7:05

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On behalf of Godehard Brüntrup and Ludwig Jaskolla:

Building on the great success of the “Analytic Theology Project” the Munich School of Philosophy is proud to continue the cooperation with the John Templeton Foundation in the field of philosophy of religion. Head of the Munich centre of the international and interdisciplinary research network investigating “The Concept of God” is Prof. Dr. Godehard Brüntrup.

In the context of this project, one Post-Doc/Habiliation Fellowship in Munich is announced for the duration of three years, starting February 1st 2016.
Further information concerning the fellowship and application is provided on