Conference on The Problem of Evil
March 26, 2005 — 18:33

Author: Imran Aijaz  Category: News  Comments: 5

Greetings all,
I wonder if anyone knows about the upcoming conference on the problem of evil at Purdue University, or if anyone plans on attending? See:
I will be attending, and it will be nice to see some of the contributors to Prosblogion there if they go.

Religious Ambiguity & The ‘Exclusivist’ Picture
February 26, 2005 — 22:49

Author: Imran Aijaz  Category: Religious Belief  Comments: 24

Recently, I have been thinking about a number of issues in the philosophy of religion in relation to what John Hick has called the problem of ‘religious ambiguity’. According to this thesis, roughly, our world is capable of being interpreted, coherently and rationally, from either a theistic or atheistic perspective. Hick devotes an entire section of his book “An Interpretation of Religion” to making a case for the thesis of religious ambiguity. Terence Penelhum, too, has proffered a number of considerations in favour of this thesis in his book “Reason and Religious Faith”. We can also add Stephen T. Davis, Paul Draper, and J.L. Schellenberg, among others, to the list of those who accept some version of ambiguity thesis. I myself devoted the entirety of my MA thesis in the philosophy of religion, which I finished last year, to a defense of this thesis.