Prosblogion was established in June of 2004 following the suggestion by Jeremy Pierce (Syracuse) that the blogoshpere needed a group philosophy of religion blog.   Our contributors range from advanced graduate students to senior figures in the field of philosophy of religion, and include theists, atheists, and agnostics.   Because so many of us work in places where we may be the only one in our field interested in issues in philosophy of religion, Prosblogion often serves as a platform for those hallway conversations one might have if they had more likeminded colleagues.   Much to the credit of our contributors and readers, a number of those conversations have made the journey from blog posts to published articles.

Prosblogion is supported, maintained, and administered by Matthew Mullins (Northwestern).   Anyone working in the field who is interested in becoming a contributor to Prosblogion is welcome to contact me. Individuals interested in becoming a contributor to Prosblogion should have an established reputation in the field, a recommendation from a current contributor, or a history of contributing to the life of the blog as a commenter.


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