Position in Metaphysics and Philosophy of Religion (KU Leuven, Belgium)
June 29, 2012 — 7:57

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On behalf of Fran Venken:
The Institute of Philosophy at KU Leuven is advertising a tenured position in Metaphysics and Philosophy of Religion. The rank is open. The Institute is looking for candidates with a record of excellent publications and teaching ability, as well as the continued promise of innovative philosophical research. Teaching and research at the Institute of Philosophy covers the history of metaphysics and philosophy of religion as well as contemporary developments (with a non-exclusive emphasis on continental developments). The deadline for applications is September 27, 2012.
See: http://hiw.kuleuven.be/eng/jobsscholarships.html
More information about the BOF/ZAP professorships can be found at
The procedures for the BOF/ZAP position and the regular position run parallel, but are basically independent of one another. Candidates who consider applying for a BOF/ZAP professorship are advised to contact Prof. Toon Vandevelde (Antoon.Vandevelde@hiw.kuleuven.be) or Prof. Stefaan Cuypers (stefaan.cuypers@hiw.kuleuven.be).

  • Martyn Jones

    I believe the candidate will be replacing prof. dr. Martin Moors, which means you’ll have some pretty big Kantian shoes to fill!
    KUL is a great school for philosophy though. Best of luck to anyone who applies.

    June 29, 2012 — 8:38
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