Houston Baptist establishes MA Program
March 18, 2012 — 12:38

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I have some good friends down there, and I think the are doing some valuable work.
The Houston Baptist University philosophy department is pleased to announce a new Master of Arts in Philosophy degree, requiring 30 hours, and beginning fall semester 2012. The MAPhil degree is intended to offer students training in the critical and philosophical skills that are useful for their further academic study and also for their growth as followers of God. MAPhil graduates may continue their education at the doctoral level. Both alumni scholarships and merit-based GRE scholarships are available.
Students in the MAPhil program can earn a Certificate of Apologetics at the same time as they are earning the MAPhil degree, or they can choose only to work toward completion of the Certificate. The coursework for the certificate is 18 hours and overlaps with the MAPhil curriculum while also containing electives for those wishing to focus on apologetics.
Faculty in the Houston Baptist Philosophy Department are excellent teachers and nationally-known scholars. They have received degrees from programs at Notre Dame, California-Riverside, Northwestern, Baylor, and St. Louis. Particular strengths of the program are in apologetics, intelligent design, and philosophy of religion. In the MAPhil program you will be in small classes with some of the leading public intellectuals in Christian philosophy and apologetics. The MAPhil can provide the framework needed for parachurch ministry, teaching opportunities, or further graduate education.
More information is available about this exciting opportunity at www.hbu.edu/MAPhil. Applications are available at www.hbu.edu/MAPhil-Apply. You can email the graduate school directly with questions about the program at MAPhil@hbu.edu.