Announcing a new blog: Philosophy of Judaism
August 10, 2011 — 21:50

Author: Trent Dougherty  Category: News  Tags: , , ,   Comments: 1

I think this is a long-overdue project, and I hope people will mark its significance. I am very excited to learn from this!
This blog is a space promoting the exchange of ideas and work on rigorous philosophy elucidating any aspect of Judaism. By way of example, the type of philosophy encouraged here is that which is done in the journals Faith and Philosophy, Religious Studies, The International Journal of Philosophy of Religion, and The European Journal of Philosophy of Religion.
Anyone who would like to contribute posts to the new blog is encouraged to contact us at
Aaron Segal, University of Notre Dame (
Sam Lebens, Birkbeck College (
Dani Rabinowitz, Oxford University (

  • Matthew Mullins

    Thanks for drawing attention to this Trent! This is indeed a long overdue project. I recall several years ago asking one of the contributors, you can guess which, why there wasn’t more work done analytic philosophy of Judaism. I’m glad to see people starting to fill this gap.

    August 11, 2011 — 9:25