Philosophical Theology at Oxford
October 14, 2010 — 8:36

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Oxford University’s M.Phil. and M.St. in Philosophical Theology are programs in analytic philosophy of religion run out of the theology faculty. The M.St. involves a term in philosophy of religion and one in the history of philosophical theology; the M.Phil. adds a further term in philosophy or in the history of theology. Teaching in each subject is by 1:1 tutorial, though students can also attend all lecture-courses and seminars they wish. Tutoring in philosophy of religion is by Brian Leftow. Other Oxford philosophers who have written in or teach the subject include John Hawthorne, Derek Parfit, TJ Mawson, Roger Trigg, Ralph Walker, AW Moore, Tim Bayne, William Mander, Stephen Mulhall and Pamela Anderson. Teaching of other philosophy subjects is by members of the philosophy faculty; teaching in theology subjects draws on Oxford’s strengths in Patristics and 19th-century theology.
The M.Phil. has had good success as a “feeder” Master’s. Since 2002, all students with high marks have gone on to doctoral work in philosophy. Recent graduates are currently at Oxford, Stanford, Notre Dame and Cornell, and have also been offered places by Rutgers, Berkeley, Chapel Hill, UCLA and Yale.
For further information on these courses of study, see the Oxford Theology website or contact Theology’s Director of Graduate Studies ( or Brian Leftow (