In Memoriam: James F. Ross (1931-2010)
July 18, 2010 — 23:59

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Yesterday, a funeral Mass was held for the inimitable James Ross. He was a truly remarkable philosopher and a remarkable man. He was one of my earliest inspirations for combining analytic philosophy with Medieval philosophy (a very natural fit as it turns out). And that was back in the 80’s (I was Medieval when Medieval wasn’t cool!)
A few years ago, I was privileged to be a commentator on the MS of his, as it turns out, last book, Thought and World: Hiddenn Necessities. It was an amazingly erudite monograph covering a vast range of topics for which he seemed to have the knowledge at his fingertips. He seemed to have read everything. It was a pleasure to know him. has a really nice obit.
It notes “For 54 years, he was married to Kathleen Fallon Ross, a nurse. They grew up in the same neighborhood and renewed their friendship when he had a summer job in Providence while in college. She died May 23.” He made it less than two months without her. Having been with Sarah for 20 years now, I can totally understand that. I hope God grants me the grace of dying before her or not long after.
It’s a testament to his optimism and remarkable productivity that he left a considerable list of unfinished projects in his CV.
His Phil Papers section also testifies to his productivity.