The 2010 St. Thomas Summer Seminar in Philosophy of Religion and Philosophical Theology
September 16, 2009 — 13:26

Author: Tim Pawl  Category: News  Comments: Off

Please take note of this excellent summer seminar at the University of St. Thomas (Minnesota), where my colleague, Mike Rota, is putting on a great program. He and Dean Zimmerman have received funding from the John Templeton Foundation to support a seminar on philosophy of religion and philosophical theology for graduate students and recent PhDs. The seminar, which is the first of three annual summer seminars, covers room and board, and it includes a stipend of $2800 as well! Alvin Plantinga, Richard Feldman, Elliott Sober, our own Alex Pruss, Peter van Inwagen, Evan Fales, Roger White, Thomas Kelly, Alan Love, and Peter Kreeft will all present this summer. The following summers will include other thinkers, such as Eleonore Stump. It is going to be amazing!
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