Western Conference of the Society of Christian Philosophers
August 10, 2009 — 22:54

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PAPER DEADLINE: Saturday, August 15
October 22-24, 2009, Durango, Colorado
Featured Speakers:
Michael Bergmann “Commonsense Skeptical Theism”
Wes Morriston “Divinely Mandated Genocide and the Limits of Human Knowledge”
CFP: The conference has no particular theme, and papers on any topic of philosophical interest will be considered. The SCP welcomes both Christians and non-Christians as presenters, commentators, and participants. Submissions should be 3,000 words or less, prepared for blind review, and saved in an accessible format (e.g. Word, PDF, RTF, etc.). Please indicate in your cover letter whether, should your paper not be accepted, you would be willing to serve as commentator. For further information on both conference details and Durango attractions, visit the conference website at: philosophy.fortlewis.edu/scp.html
Submissions, inquiries, and requests to comment can be sent to Justin McBrayer at mcbrayer_j@fortlewis.edu.