Oxford Bibliographies Online–Heaven and Hell
June 2, 2009 — 20:43

Author: Jon Kvanvig  Category: Hell  Comments: 4

Oxford is beginning a large venture, to create selective bibliographies across disciplines of important topics in each discipline. Duncan Pritchard is editing the philosophy section, and I’m not sure who else is on the editorial board, but as part of my agreeing to be on it, I also agreed to do some entries. One of them is on heaven and hell, available here. The draft is very rough at this point, so any comments, including sins of omission as well as commission, are welcome!

  • Kevin Timpe

    Two pieces that you may consider adding are:
    Lynne Baker, “Persons and the Metaphysics of Resurrection,” Religious Studies 43 (2007), 333-348–it has a brief discussion of 7 different accounts of resurrection and, not surprisingly given the author, argues for the constitution view.
    C. P. Ragland, “Love and Damnation,” in Timpe (ed.), “Metaphysics and God” Routledge: 2009–contains a good discussion of, among other things, Stump’s, Swinburne’s, and Lewis’ views on hell. Scott also has a nice encyclopedia article on hell at the IEP.
    (Since you haven’t yet received your copy of “Metaphysics and God,” I can certainly understand the latter omission!)

    June 2, 2009 — 23:50
  • How about
    Nigel M. de S. Cameron (ed) Universalism and the Doctrine of Hell (Baker/Paternoster, 1992)
    A number of broadly evangelical authors written from a variety of perspectives.
    David Powys has a useful historical view and John W Wenham defends annihilationism.

    June 3, 2009 — 1:51
  • Luke Gelinas

    Hi Jon,
    A couple additional pieces in the 2001 Corcoran collection:
    Corcoran. ‘Physical Persons and Postmortem Survival Without Temporal Gaps’
    John Cooper. ‘Biblical Anthropology and the Body-Soul Problem’
    Stephen T. Davis. ‘Physicalism and Resurrection’
    There is also Corcoran’s ‘Dualism, Materialism, and the Problem of Postmortem Survival.’ PhilChristi 4 (2002): 394-409. Though if I remember this content is included in his newer book.

    June 3, 2009 — 10:47
  • oliver crisp

    How about
    Chris Partridge and Robin Parry (eds.) Universalism: The Current Debate? (Eerdmans, 2004).
    Gregory MacDonald The Evangelical Universalist (Wipf and Stock, 2006ish). This has generated some discussion amongst theologians.
    Oliver Crisp, ‘Augustinian Universalism’ in International Journal of Philosophy of Religion 53 (2003): 127-145.
    Okay, the last is by me … but the other two are important resources, I think.

    June 8, 2009 — 6:53