Templeton Research Fellows Program
June 1, 2009 — 17:17

Author: Michael Almeida  Category: News  Comments: Off

The John Templeton Foundation (JTF), the Society of Christian Philosophers (SCP), the University of Oklahoma and Oxford University are pleased to announce the Templeton Research Fellows program for 2010-2011. The Templeton Research Fellows program offers extended interactions at Oxford University with philosophers of religion and scientists. This one-year fellowship is designed to advance new research in the philosophy of religion and to further the professional development of Fellows.
The Templeton Research Fellows Program offers fellowships devoted to (i) philosophy of religion or (ii) philosophical theology or (iii) interdisciplinary research areas between philosophy of religion and the natural sciences (with preference given to projects targeting the intersection (a) between philosophy of religion and philosophy of logic/mathematics or (b) between philosophy of religion and philosophy of physics and cosmology).
We invite recent Ph.D.’s and more advanced scholars in the fields of the philosophy of religion, the philosophy of science, the philosophy of mathematics and logic, and the philosophy of physics or scientific cosmology to apply for a year-long fellowship at Oxford University for the opportunity to engage in sustained contact with some of the world’s foremost philosophers, scientists, historians of science, theologians, and other specialists in religion.

Two scholars will be chosen for the 2010-2011 year of the program. Junior Fellows receive a $50,000 fellowship award (plus benefits), as well as travel and research-related expenses. Senior Fellows receive a $70,000 fellowship award (plus benefits), as well as travel and research-related expenses. There will also be funds available to attend post-fellowship conferences and to lead post-fellowship workshops.
Click [HERE] for a complete description of the fellowship program. *(Once you have navigated to the University of Oklahoma’s Philosophy Department website, click on the Templeton Research Fellows Program announcement under “News” at the right of the webpage.)*
Should you have any questions about the program and application process, please e-mail either the Program Administrator, Joshua Seachris, at jseachris@ou.edu, or the Program Director, Linda Zagzebski, at lzagzebski@ou.edu.