The Many-Faced Argument by John Hick and Arthur C. McGill
May 15, 2009 — 16:21

Author: Yujin Nagasawa  Category: Books of Interest News  Comments: Off

A new reprint edition of The Many-Faced Argument: Studies on the Ontological Argument for the Existence of God (edited by John Hick and Arthur C. McGill) has just been published by Wipf and Stock.
This book contains John’s well-known paper that introduces the distinction between factual necessity and logical necessity in response to the modal ontological argument. I had the honour to write a brief foreword for this new reprint. John has arranged for the royalties from the book to go to Arthur McGill’s widow, Lucy, now living in Florida.
This is one of two excellent anthologies on the ontological argument. (The other is Alvin Plantinga’s The Ontological Argument: From St. Anselm to Contemporary Philosophers, which, unfortunately, has been discontinued.)