2009 APA Philosophy of Religion Update

Kelly Clark of SCP notes that this entry was not included in the APA program.
Philosophy of Religion Group:
Friday evening, 7:00-10:00 (Session
**Patristic Conceptions of the Trinity**
Chair: Michael Rea, Notre Dame
Richard Cross, Notre Dame,
Lewis Ayres, Emory,
J. T. Paasch, Oxford

2 thoughts on “2009 APA Philosophy of Religion Update

  1. So I’ve made arrangements to go to my first APA meeting in Chicago. Would someone be so kind to explain to this noob what the differences between a symposium, colloquium, special session, invited session and group session are? Thanks.

  2. The general idea is that papers in symposia are somewhat longer than papers in colloguia. Special sessions can include Author Meets Critics sessions, etc., where there the majority of the discussion involves criticism of a book followed by the author’s response. Other special sessions are just invited talks (the Plantinga and Dennett session, for instance). These are in large rooms with huge audiences. Probably not a good chance to ask questions. Group sessions are papers that are invited/refereed by specific groups associated with the APA. These papers are not refereed by the APA program committee.

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