Call for Articles on Medieval Philosophy/Philosophers
September 2, 2008 — 20:27

Author: Kevin Timpe  Category: News  Comments: Off

A few days ago, I posted about some derised philosophy of religion articles for the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy.  My friend Shawn Floyd is the medieval philosophy area editor for the IEP and thought that some PB-readers might be interested in contributing to the IEP’s holdings in this area.  In particular, Shawn’s hoping to consign articles in the following areas:

Medieval Philosophers 
Albert the Great
Aquinas’s Metaphysics
Roger Bacon
John Buridan
William of Champeaux
Giles of Rome
Robert Grosseteste
Henry of Ghent
Peter Lombard
Meister Eckhart
Peter John Olivi


Medieval Topics
Medieval Philosophy (overview)
Theories of Cognition
Medieval Logic
Theories of Practical Reason
Theories of the Trinity

But he’d probably also be open to other articles as well.  If interetested, contact Shawn here.