Call for Papers: Dune and Philosophy
August 22, 2008 — 6:52

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I wouldn’t normally post announcements here for the Pop Culture books, but things have been a little slow around here, and this editor seems particularly interested in philosophy of religion chapters (although for Dune it would have to be a little offbeat as philosophy of religion goes), so I thought it might help to distribute the announcement where people interested in philosophy of religion might see it.
Volume Editor: Jeffery Nicholas (
Open Court continues their Pop Culture and Philosophy series with a volume
on Frank Herbert’s Dune series (Dune, Dune Messiah, Children of Dune,
God-Emperor of Dune, Heretics of Dune, and Chapterhouse Dune) or the movies
based on the books.
Any philosophical perspective is welcomed. Particular areas of interest
include Environmental Philosophy and Ethics, Philosophy of Technology,
Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion, and Philosophical
Anthropology, but we strongly encourage you to be creative, and welcome
submissions from less obvious areas.
∑ Cloning: What is the Value of Gaining a Lost Love?
∑ Riding the Sandworm: The Place of Practices in Human Life
∑ Using Religion for Statecraft
∑ The OCB: Do the Monotheistic Religions Share a Central Core
∑ Religion as a Source of Civilization
∑ Environmental Literacy for Americans
∑ Water-price: To Whom Does the Earth Belong
∑ Seeing in the Dark Spaces: Essential Differences between Men and
∑ Identity and Place: Are we where we were born?
∑ The Butlerian Jihad: Can Machines Replace Man?
∑ Is Baron Harkonnen a Disciple of Machiavelli?
∑ Is Paul Plato’s Philosopher-King: The Mentat as Thinker
GUIDELINES: Accepted proposals will bring philosophical concepts, arguments,
and/or sensibilities to bear on issues or ideas latent in, or raised by, the
Dune series. Essays should be jargon-free and appealing to an intelligent
lay reader who seeks to learn about Dune and its various connections to
philosophical ideas and traditions. Papers should be around 12 to 20 pages
Abstract (400-800 words) Due 15 December 2008
First Draft for Selected Papers: 1 May 2009
Final Draft for Selected Papers: 1 November 2009