July 30, 2008 — 12:59

Author: Andrew Cullison  Category: Uncategorized  Comments: Off

I just launched a social bookmarking/content promotion site for philosophers. I’m calling it Sympoze.
We already have quite a few users signed up who are testing out the site. Everything seems to be working well. If you’re philosophy Ph.D. or a graduate student in philosophy email me, and I’ll set you up with an account.
If you’re not familiar with social-bookmarking/content promotion, it’s a great way for a group of people to collectively submit, organize, and rank online content. It then becomes a great way to find high quality online content. (Digg and Reddit are good examples).
A Digg-like site where user accounts are limited to philosophers gives everyone a great way to find (and collectively promote) great philosophy content online.
Note that everyone can view the submitted content and the rankings. The only features that are restricted to philosophers and require user accounts are submitting stories, voting, and the other social network features.