May 10, 2008 — 10:06

Author: Jon Kvanvig  Category: General  Comments: 3

Just got my advance copies of Oxford Studies in Philosophy of Religion I. The Oxford link is here, which has the table of contents for your perusal.
Word has it that quality of critical essays on material in the book goes up when you own your own copy!

  • The site says that there is an alternative, paperback version. Is that right?

    May 14, 2008 — 12:29
  • Matthew Mullins

    I’d meant to say it sooner, but this is a really great collection of papers. It was nice to see that Bryan Frances in his contribution gave some of us here a nod.
    There is a paperback version available for $40.

    May 14, 2008 — 14:41
  • Can’t wait to get a copy! Looks awesome!

    June 13, 2008 — 15:33