James Beebe – Young Philosophers Lecture Series
March 30, 2008 — 22:05

Author: Andrew Cullison  Category: Existence of God News  Comments: 1

James Beebe (Prosblogion contributor) recently delivered the first set of lectures in the Young Philosophers Lecture Series at SUNY Fredonia.
His introductory level talk should be of interest to Prosblogion readers. It was on The Fine-Tuning Argument for God’s Existence.
Also, we posted the Fall 2008 Call for Papers (deadline: August 15th)

  • That was a pretty disappointing ending. Don’t get me wrong: Beebe does a good job of explaining why theists find the fine-tuning argument persuasive. But he does a terrible job bringing any real philosophical criticisms against it. E.g., he does not mention the God-of-the-gaps fallacy, he does not mention the problem of infinite regression, the problem of God’s unexplained complexity, the problem of arguing from ignorance, etc. He just ends by saying, “Therefore, I think belief in God can be reasonably defended.” How silly.

    May 1, 2008 — 15:17