New Ruse
March 14, 2008 — 19:43

Author: Trent Dougherty  Category: Books of Interest  Tags: ,   Comments: 2

Michael Ruse (of the SEP "Creationism" ruse (no, I never get tired of saying that)) has a new book forthcoming next month on Charles Darwin.
I like to read about Darwin, I find him a very interesting character, but what will really put this book on the map for the lovers of Dawkins, Dennet, and Co. is the penultimate chapter “The Origins of Religion”. A publishers squib states “Strongly supports Darwinism and fully explores modern naturalistic explanations of religion” and he somehow still has space in 352 pages to “Offer a comprehensive discussion of Darwinism and Christianity – including Creationism.” Wow, it’s a good thing he’s “one of the leading authorities in the field.” I didn’t realize that Darwinism and Christianity constitute a field. Apparently being a leading authority does not distribute over conjunction. :-)~


  • That sounds a little snarky to me this morning. It was meant to be more light hearted bantery. I’d rather engage an argument, but I get drawn in by the hype sometimes. Still, it’s a review of a book promotion which promotion really is pretty silly. And it really is amazing to me that people can be considered experts about (X & Y) when they know next to nothing about Y. In general, it seems that conjunctions of fields are treated more disjunctivly so that there’s an addition rule.

    March 15, 2008 — 9:28
  • I hadn’t seen the SEP entry. Wow. Is there any other SEP entry that has so much non-philosophical stuff in it?

    March 18, 2008 — 14:50