Persons: Human and Divine
January 30, 2008 — 11:08

Author: Matthew Mullins  Category: Uncategorized  Comments: Off

I was reminded this morning that the van Inwagen/Zimmerman joint Persons: Human and Divine is now available in print. What reminded me was Eric Olson‘s review of the book in the latest edition of Mind. (Link for subscribers.) Perhaps the most significant aspect of this book is that it contains a number of essays defending substance dualism which, to quote Olson, “get a more sympathetic hearing than current fashion would dictate.” Most of the other essays appear interesting and thoughtful, though some tread well worn ground.
Best passage of the review:

Perhaps the most interesting essays are those devoted to the incarnation, original sin, and the trinity. Taken literally, these doctrines are baffling to the point of absurdity, and Christian philosophers will be sorely tempted to reinterpret or ignore them. There are no such evasions here. These essays offer the elevating spectacle of a first-rate mind operating in a tight spot. (Emphasis added)