Of Conspiracy Theories
January 4, 2008 — 0:06

Author: Matthew Mullins  Category: Uncategorized  Comments: Off

The latest issue of Episteme (4:2) is now out and available online by subscription. Guest Editor David Coady has put together a nice issue on conspiracy theories which includes two articles that are likely to be of interest to Prosblogion readers.
In 1999 Brian Keeley kicked off interest in conspiracy theories with the publication of “Of Conspiracy Theories“. In this issue Keeley returns to the topic with an essay on “God as the Ultimate Conspiracy Theory“. Keeley stretches the concept a bit, but draws some interesting parallels between appeals to divine providence and the claims of conspiracy theorists. The essay takes a curious turn as Keely deploys considerations about conspiracy theories to defend agnosticism against Hanson’s “Agnostic’s dilemma.”
Michael Baurmann’s “Rational Fundamentalism? An Explanatory Model of Fundamentalist Beliefs” will also be of interest to some readers.