Young Philosophers Lecture Series
December 13, 2007 — 16:28

Author: Andrew Cullison  Category: News  Comments: Off

This will be of interest to Young Philosophers of Religion.

I just secured some funding to start a Young Philosophers Lecture and Podcast Series. The call for papers is up at

SUNY Fredonia’s philosophy department will bring two young philosophers to campus each semester. Each philosopher will give two talks. The first talk will be a research talk pitched to the philosophical community. The second talk will be a shorter talk that is accessible to a broad audience with no background in philosophy.

One of the primary aims is to serve young philosophers by giving them experience and massive exposure to the philosophical community. This should also serve the philosophical community by giving them easy access to the work of some of the best new up-and-coming philosophers. By having each philosopher also give an introductory talk, we will serve people who have a more casual interest in philosophy.

Lectures will be podcasted in video and audio at

Our budget is still relatively modest, but we will be able to offer a small honorarium.

Check out the website for the CALL FOR PAPERS. Contact Andrew Cullison for more information.

SUBMISSIONS DUE: January 20, 2008 

What's a Young Philosopher?
Your age is irrelevant to whether or not you are a young philosopher. By "young philosopher" we mean someone who has received their Ph.D. in philosophy within the last 6 years. We will also consider submissions from exceptional graduate students who reasonably expect to defend this Spring or Summer.