Second Annual Philosophy of Religion Conference
September 1, 2006 — 10:54

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I don’t think I’ve seen the Second Annual Philosophy of Religion Conference, run by J. Kvanvig, advertised here yet. The Call for Papers can be found at: The conference, which used to be at Mizzou, is now moving to Baylor with Kvanvig.
I reprint the full call for papers below the fold.

Second Annual Philosophy of Religion Conference
The featured speaker for the 2007 conference is Peter van Inwagen, University of Notre Dame. The conference will take place February 23-24 at Baylor University.
We are soliciting papers to be presented at the conference. The plan for the conference is to make papers available to participants prior to the conference and schedule sessions of an hour and a half for each presentation. Papers are welcome on any topic in the philosophy of religion, with some preference given to work responding to Dr. van Inwagen’s work on the problem of evil, including this summer’s monograph with Oxford. We plan to circulate papers prior to the conference, and instead of having papers read, have each speaker present their ideas in 20-30 minutes. The plan is to leave significant time for discussion. In light of this workshop atmosphere, there is no particular limit on the length of papers, though a suggested length would be no more than 20 pages.
Electronic submissions are preferred, either as pdf or Word document files. Send submissions to Jon Kvanvig with mention of the second annual conference in the subject line. The deadline for submissions is December 15, 2006.
Those who wish to attend the conference should contact Jon Kvanvig as attendence is limited. As well, those who can obtain funding from their home departments if they serve as commentators or session chairs should send an email to that effect as well, and we will try to accommodate such requests.

  • jon kvanvig

    Thanks for the promo, James! I should note that main speakers include to this point:
    Keith DeRose
    John Fischer
    Steve Wykstra
    Obviously, anyone working on things related to PvI’s problem of evil work should be sending me a manuscript!

    September 1, 2006 — 11:52