Prosblogion’s Second Anniversary
June 6, 2006 — 18:06

Author: Matthew Mullins  Category: Housekeeping  Comments: 6

Today is Prosblogion's second anniversary. The blog started with Jeremy Pierce following up on Brian Weatherson's suggestion that the philosophy blogosphere needed more topical blogs. A month later Prosblogion went live with a mix of faculty and graduate student contributors. Since that time we have gained a few new contributors and lost a couple. Two contributors have moved from being students to faculty and three of us have moved on to other graduate programs. In that same time a few of our commenters and interlocutors have made the same types of transitions.

While the frequency of posting at Prosblogion has never been great, the quality of the posts has been generally good. Collectively we have generated 231 posts, garnered 1,598 comments, and warranted 50 TrackBacks. Over the last two years our readership has continued to grow. In the last year we have had 165,933 visitors and 296,133 individual page loads. Reading through the logs tells me that we have some of the brightest in our field as occasional lurkers. While we have plenty of lurkers, we've also attracted a fantastic group of regular commenters who make posting here a pleasant and rewarding experience.

The last year has seen a lot of growth in the philosophy blogosphere. It has also been fun to watch the number of individual blogs, especially those by graduate students, flourish. The numbers have grown to a level such that I can no longer follow them all. Sadly there are still too few topical group blogs; no metaphysics, history, philosophy of science. Happily the group blogs that do exist have been remarkably stable and productive. I think we've carved out a nice piece of the blogosphere for ourselves and shown that a philosophy of religion blog can persist/endure.

Looking forward there are a few things I'd like to see on this site in the future. Call it my wish list. I'd still like to attract more senior philosophers to contribute to the site, even if only as guests. I'd like to add contributors from other religious traditions and friendly atheists/agnostics. (Interested parties should contact me.) Finally, I'd like to squeeze at least one post out of Tom because everything he writes is fantastic. Readers with wishes or suggestions are welcome to leave them in the comments section.

Thanks to all of my fellow contributors, commenters, and readers, for making Prosblogion a place that is a pleasure to support and contribute to.

  • Happy birthday to us, happy birthday to us, happy birth day dear Prosblooooooogiooooon, happy birthday to us.
    Does that mean we’re now in the “terrible two’s”?
    Seriously, Matt you are to be commended for your yeoman’s work here.

    June 6, 2006 — 13:17
  • A testament to your dedication and work ethic Matt, thanks for letting me be a part of it. By the way, you could (in spite of my 2 year old bio)now lump me in the mostly friendly agnostic

    June 7, 2006 — 6:06
  • Daniel D. Novotny

    Concerning the metaphysics blog, I’d hesitantly like to make a shameless self-promotion 🙂

    June 7, 2006 — 15:24
  • Matthew

    Thanks for the props but, so everyone knows, it’s definitely a group effort.
    The two’s are terrible because the little one is growing and learning so fast it’s hard to keep up. So, let’s hope that’s true for us this year. (Or maybe I got it wrong and we’ll all run around grabbing everything in site while claiming that it is mine. Mine!)
    Noted and bio updated.
    Shameless self-promotion is encouraged when it comes to metaphysics, even when it’s old school scholastic metaphysics.

    June 7, 2006 — 22:33
  • I just recently discovered this site and am looking forward to making regular visits here. Congratulations on your second anniversary!

    June 7, 2006 — 22:44
  • Daniel D. Novotny

    Scholastic metaphysics is the newest school of metaphysics 🙂

    June 14, 2006 — 14:48