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March 15, 2006 — 20:54

Author: Matthew Mullins  Category: Housekeeping  Comments: 3

I’d like to welcome Prosblogion’s latest contributor Bill Vallicella. Bill is a former Associate Professor at the University of Dayton, but he is perhaps better known for striking out on his own as an independent philosopher. Bill has published in most journals one would wish to see their work in. A small sample of past publications that might be of particular interest to Prosblogion readers include:

  • “Incarnation and Identity,” Philo, vol. 5, no. 1 (Spring-Summer 2002), pp. 84-93.
  • “The Creation-Conservation Dilemma and Presentist Four-Dimensionalism,” Religious Studies 38 (June 2002), pp. 187-200.
  • “From Facts to God: An Onto-Cosmological Argument,” International Journal for Philosophy of Religion, vol. 48, no. 3 (December 2000), pp. 157-181.
  • “Does the Cosmological Argument Depend on the Ontological?” Faith and Philosophy, vol. 17, no. 4 (October 2000, Special Issue on Kant’s Philosophy of Religion), pp. 441-458.
  • “God, Causation, and Occasionalism,” Religious Studies 35 (1999), pp. 3-18.
  • “Could a Classical Theist be a Physicalist?” Faith and Philosophy, vol. 15, no. 2 (April 1998), pp. 160-180.
  • “Has the Ontological Argument Been Refuted?” Religious Studies 29 (1993), pp. 97-110.
  • “Divine Simplicity: A New Defense,” Faith and Philosophy, vol. 9, no. 4 (October 1992), pp. 508-525.

Readers who have somehow missed it may want to visit Bill’s personal blog. I’ve found his thoughts on being an independent philosopher fascinating and personally challenging. Bill has certainly evidenced that being outside the academic walls needn’t slow down ones research projects or publication opportunities. If anything he seems more productive than many tenured philosophers I’ve had the opportunity to meet.

  • Matthew,
    Thanks very much for the invitation to join Prosblogion. It is an honor. And thanks for this kind introduction. You are to be commended for all the hard work you have put in here and at RR.

    March 16, 2006 — 9:29
  • Terrific, welcome to Prosblogium, Bill!

    March 16, 2006 — 12:31
  • Thanks for the welcome, Mike.

    March 16, 2006 — 17:47