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February 21, 2006 — 11:09

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Alvin Plantinga challenges Karl Giberson’s claim that intelligent design explanations are tautological.
Matt Donnelly, Web editor at Science & Theology News, interviews Richard Swinburne on Science and the soul.
Review of Duncan Forrester’s Apocalypse Now? and Colin Morris’s Things Shaken, Things Unshaken, both reflections on faith in a time of terror.
Leon Wieseltier, literary editor of The New Republic. gives an unsympathetic review of Daniel Dennett’s Breaking the Spell:Religion as a Natural Phenomenon.
Lately I’ve been searching high and low for a copy of Peter van Inwagen’s The Possibility of Resurrection and Other Essays in Christian Apologetics. Unfortunately the book is out of print which means it is a little hard to come by. So far I’ve found that the best used price was $58 and new it runs as high as $95. My searches did turn up a copy online. While not as handy as having your own you can read the entire book for free on Questia.