PvI’s Gifford Lectures
November 18, 2005 — 0:32

Author: Matthew Mullins  Category: Problem of Evil  Comments: 2

If. like me, you didn’t get the chance to attend Peter van Inwagen’s 2002 Gifford Lectures at St. Andrews, then you will be happy to know the lectures are coming out in print via Oxford University Press, June 2006, under the title The Problem of Evil. Chapters include :

  1. The Problem of Evil and the Argument from Evil
  2. The Idea of God
  3. Philosophical Failure
  4. The Global Argument from Evil
  5. The Global Argument Continued
  6. The Local Argument from Evil
  7. The Sufferings of Beasts
  8. The Hiddenness of God

Hopefully this constitutes having done enough work in the philosophy of religion to justify being called a philosopher of religion.

  • Kevin Timpe

    I had a chance to read many, but not all, of these chapters in draft form when I was at Notre Dame a few years back, and can attest that this is going to be an influential book on the subject. In particular, I thought the third chapter, which is on burden of proof issues in philosophical methodology, was really thought provoking.

    November 18, 2005 — 10:46
  • I wonder if this means that Dr. Eleonore Stump’s 2003 Gifford Lectures on the problem of evil will not be out until 2007? I had the chance to read an early draft of that book last in year in a seminar at SLU, it should be also be an important work. Though I was hoping to see it in print sooner.

    November 18, 2005 — 13:24